Porquê Wargames?

Post date: Feb 25, 2011 11:20:34 AM

Do melhor que eu li no BGG nos últimos anos.

Está em inglês, mas nem me atrevo a traduzir:

Why I really love war games?I can travel through time and participate in history. There is no blood, no loss of life or limb. No heat or cold, no smell of unwashed bodies and decomposing corpses. The sounds of artillery and small arms is quiet. There are no screams of the wounded, nor is there the silence of the dead, no children are crying for lost parents,or parents crying over lost children. No cities in flames or infrastructures destroyed. No fear in looking up at the sound of an aircraft or worry about the road below you erupting in death.

The challenge of command with out the consequence's of life or death. Card board heroes in a 2 dimensional destructible world. Hovering over a battle field I am a god of all I survey, my nemesis is the rule book in my hand and the face to face demi-god in front of me, or I am solo in a room with my thoughts.

It is a book, a movie a good story at a fire side chat. All of this attracts me to it. Those who I game with become my campaign comrades sharing all the adventure and none of the loss of real war.

Real war is some times necessary and I shall always answer its call in defense of my countries liberty.

People who have asked me why I enjoy our hobby? It beats the real thing hands down.

Este é um texto retirado deste tópico. A sua autoria é de Brian Ivers.