Jason Matthews

#2 Jason Matthews

1. Jason Matthews, the proud owner of how many games?

Just shy of 800. And honestly, that may be a lie.

2. Games: business or pleasure?


3. Define a good game

Something that sucks you in, and spits you out, like a good book.

4. The prettiest game you've ever played.

Fire -- dexterity game by Theta.

5. Theme or mechanic?


6. Throw a die or draw a card?

Draw a card

7. A game you can't win!

Soooo many to chose from, let's go with Fresh Fish

8. Election USA: JFK or Obama?

JFK -- I like the classics

9. Twilight Struggle or 1960?

Totally a mood thing, I'll say 1960 because its shorter and I can play it more often.

10. At the present... who has the China card?

Sadly, China has the China card.

11. Imagine A. Lincoln; Martin Luther King; FD Roosevelt and W. Churchill. Who would you choose to play a game and what game would you pick and why?

Obviously, they are all kinda heroes. I'd go with FDR because he was a notorious, and notoriously good poker player

12. What game should Obama play that would help him win the next election?

Something with worker placement -- lots of worker placement

13. Tomatoes (to-may-toes), tomatoes (to-mah-toes), potatoes (po-tay-toes). potatoes (po-tah-toes), republicans, democrats?More of the same or different enough?

It may not seem like it to the outside world, but they seem different enough to me. I am a pragmatist, and there just aren't enough of those remaining across the aisle, for my taste

14. What game would you play when: drinking whisky; drinking beer; drinking wine; drinking milk.

Drinking whisky -- something silly, like Time's Up, drinking wine -- something cerebral, but not too taxing, maybe Knizia's Medici vs. Strozzi, drinking milk, hmmm good ole Gulo Gulo with my kids.

15. A single game that you would save in the Congress Library.

The Library of Congress actually will keep games on file. If you had to keep one, I guess it would be Chess and we can all start over again from there.

16. Do you search for the holy grail?

I am not worthy of the grail. I chose . . . poorly

17. A game not yours that you would like to be yours. Why?

I wish I had Michael Schact's ability to infuse a binary decision with so much meaning. I'll take Zooloretto, becasue its my daughter's favorite game

18. Who else would you chose to design Twilight Struggle (apart from Ananda Gupta)?

Martin Wallace, I think he comes close to designing hybrids sometimes

19. Something that you know only because you've played a game?

That there was once a tribe called the Belgae that inhabited lower Briton

20. The glass is half full or half empty?

Today, Im going half full

21. Complete this sentence: Here RIP Jason Matthews who...

loved to play

22. Future projects: Jason Matthews ©2011...

Good news, England vs. France with Ananda back on. Several projects going with Christian will see which one develops first...

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